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Da Game Alpha 6 Now Availiable!

Posted on September 11, 2017  in Uncategorized

Da Game Alpha 6 is now availiable! Get over to the downloads page to get it!

Da Game Alpha 6 (11/09/2017)

(+ Addition, - Removed, * Change)
* Improved Graphics a lot!
+ Ambient Occlusion
+ Better textures
+ Slight vingette
* Deferred Rendering instead of Forward
+ Shadows
* Walls are now mostly transparent - you can still see them slightly
+ ITEM SPAWNS!!!! (including ammunition!!)
+ Donuts and coffee disappear when eaten/drank
+ Bandages!
* Changed Start Screen to a view inside the map instead of aerial
+ You now have to reload and need to pick up ammunition.
* Various bug fixes
There might be a few things i missed as this is a huge update.
For some reason two items get picked up when you pick up an item which should be fixed for next update.




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